by nori
Makoto Gomi


Makoto Gomi was at the age of 24 when he formed the band ZEPPET STORE with his Jr. high classmate and long time childhood friend Akira in Ichikawa City Chiba, Japan in 1988. He experimented with several vocalists, but none were a match for the band's musical tastes so they decided to recruit through an advertisement in a music magazine. In 1989, they found Seizi Kimura and added him to the band as vocalist. Six months later, they completed a demo tape including 7 songs. Having himself a great sense of self-accomplishment, Makoto disbanded the ZEPPET STORE but started his search to bring his music in a new direction. He then met a female bassist Yuki and contacted Seizi to be a drummer for the interim, since Seizi was also an accomplished drummer. They again named themselves as the band ZEPPET STORE and performed their first live show around this time. Makoto also was a lead vocalist (He performed about 40 percent) at this time. Then, they added Eiki Yanagita as drum member as they wanted Seizi to concentrate on his vocal. After about two years of their carrier, the bass member was changed to Hisashi Ueda and in 1992 they joined the compilation CD Vol.1/Flowers Flavor from the UNDER FLOWERLABEL. They went on to release two more compilation albums, Vol.3/Flowers Makes Sense! and Vol.4/Enchanted By The Flowers and in 1994, they released their first original album SWING,SLIDE,SANDPIT. This album could be inspired as the Creation Records and My Bloody Valentine etc. with beautiful harmony similar to the sound of The Posies. At that time only a thousand CD had been pressed and later on due to demand, it was subsequently priced a few hundred thousand yen among the fans. In the same year, they performed their opening act show for the Creation Record Boo Radleys' Japan tour. In 1996, they released their second album 716 from the Century Media Records in the United States and performed a West coast tour. Soon after they came back to Japan, they contracted with MCA Victor. They released three singles Koe, To be free, and SUPERSTITION, and released a third album Cue. Unfortunately in 1997, Makoto left the band. Makoto was troubled with signing under a major label because it lead to a loss of musical freedom. Makoto promptly left the band and started his new search for his own sound.


Two years after Makoto had left ZEPPET STORE, in 1999, he organized the band wipe. With the pleasure of meeting his new colleagues, he rekindled his enthusiasm and musical inspiration to release their first album wipe in just two months. It was as if he was filling in the two year void in his career. They preformed more live shows when Makoto was still a member of ZEPPET STORE, and they released three singles, I go against slider, purple ep, and strobo ep their second album open. Afterwards, wipe went a temporary hiatus.


In 2001, Makoto formed DROP, to show his commitment to every single small detail to create his own sound. By this time, he had his own studio made at his house where could formulate their band's sound by seamlessly connecting the work from the sessions he had with his band members and his home studio. In 2004, they released their 1st album DROP from DeadstoksandwicH Records in Tokyo. Their album had topped the HMV Shibuya Indies hit chart in its first appearance.


In 2004, sphere was first organized when Makoto had received a demo tape from Yuki Nakajo. Sphere was originally created with intention of not performing any live shows but just as a musical unit. As they created their songs, they started to add the rhythm members as needed which eventually led to the present form of the band. They regularly performed their live shows with the introduction of VJ. In 2007, they released their album Echo and Narcissus from the TETRAHEDRON RECORDS, where Makoto has started up his own label by himself.


Along with his work with sphere, HOODIS was organized in the year of 2006. The member was consisted of Makoto Gomi/G(ex.ZEPPET STORE.wipe.DROP:sphere), Seizi Kimura/Vo+G(ex.ZEPPET STORE.:hurdy gurdy), Kaoru Miura/B(ex.walrus.:Boom Boom Satellites co.producer), and Koudai Tazawa/Ds(ex.supercar). In 2006, they released their 1st album Chapter Zero from the UNDER FLOWER LABEL.

■now and the future...

In 2008, by tracing back his own works and starting his new web site, Makoto is currently in the planning stages for his next project.